Jewelry Repair

Professional Jewelry Repair & Restoration

Ask for Repair before you Replace

Jewelry often has sentimental value for us. Before you replace a broken item, check with us to see if it’s something we can repair. Whether it’s a wedding ring that no longer fits, a broken necklace chain, a bent ring prong, or a bent bracelet, R&S Diamond Exchange will strive to make your jewelry like new again. We are experienced in all manner of jewelry repairs, such as stone setting, ring sizing, restyling, pearl re-stringing, ring dipping, and more. Our team is proud to help residents across the Rocky Point & Wading River, NY area.

Expert Redesign

If your piece is beyond repair, we can often re-use your stones, accents, and pearls create a beautiful design that honors the original piece. Your jewelry doesn’t need to be boxed up and hidden away simply because it’s out of fashion, broken, or worn. Bring it to R&S Diamond Exchange and let us create something magical. We can use our expertise to either repair your jewelry to make it look brand-new again or create a beautiful new piece of jewelry that you’ll treasure.